Good Carpet is a Clean One


Carpets at home or office are constantly exposed to a variety of pollutants, such as soil, sand and dust, this can lead to deterioration of carpet surface and permanently change their appearance. One-time carpet cleaning procedure will protect your carpet for some time, and only regular professional carpet cleaning can greatly increase the life of you carpet. So how often you should use professional carpet cleaning? The answer to this question is depend on number of factors: the location of the carpet, the type of property in which it is located, for example, house, office or other commercial premises, type of pollution, the material carpet made of and many others factors.
First let’s look at the home carpets. At home you should follow simple rules, such as regular hovering, instantly treating any spillages and what a great difference it will make if you remove your shoes at the entrance. This will really help to maintain your carpet clean. But strong, deeply penetrating into the structure of the carpet stains such as red wine may require professional expertise. Home carpets could be made of different material but in any case, professional domestic carpet cleaning (read more) should carry out every 6-12 month. 
In the commercial properties maintaining clean carpets could be more difficult, you can’t ask your employee and visitors to remove shoes when they enter the building. Therefore, regular carpet cleaning must be scheduled. Professional carpet cleaning is more than vacuuming. Use of special tools and cleaning detergents are vital to remove stains, residues of paints, oil products and other dirt. Frequency of the cleaning depends on type of business. For example, carpets in central, client offices are not getting dirty as fast as carpets in plant office, especially near production sites, where workers coming and going, moving on their soles production waste. Commercial carpet cleaning should take place at list every 3 month.
At LTN Cleaning we offer professional carpet cleaning in London for domestic and commercial clients. Our professional technicians can provide thorough cleaning at any time convenient for you; we guaranty quality results for carpet cleaning in your home or office for very competitive rates.  For all enquires about Carpet Cleaning in London please contact us on 0208 492 9497 or


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