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Mop is the most popular tool for cleaning. It is very simple to use and available to anyone, but knowledge of modern trends will improve the quality of work.

Instead of mop with long loops of cotton threads came synthetic, macrofibre mops, which allow to save time and money. Use of dry cleaning method, where possible, leads to increased productivity and lower cost of cleaning.  Flat microfiber mop cover a larger area compared to mop for wet cleaning, which help to save time. Another advantage is their low weight and small volume of tissue, which allows using less water, detergent and physical afford.

Flat mop can be used in both wet and dry cleaning method. Dry cleaning method implies that the cleaner does not use chemicals, dust and dirt collected due to electrostatic effect. If surface have spot or stains, dry cleaning can be combined with wet method. Traditional wet method implies buckets (one or two), filled with water and it transported directly to the place of cleaning. To improve the result, chemicals and disinfectants are used. When deciding on buying new cleaning equipment, you need take into consideration several key factors: hygienic requirements and type of material surface made of, because each material requires different cleaning approach.

LTN Cleaning have years of experience, providing cleaning services London our professional cleaners always use only appropriate cleaning tools and detergents.

Dry and wet cleaning. Concerns about wet cleaning method occur mainly for two reasons: Because of the abrasive effect of cotton mop and damaging effect of chemical agents. The problem exacerbated if the floor is not washed properly a remained residue of chemical and oil products. They are harmful for health and damaging the environment. But despite all reservations about effect of chemicals on the environment, they were and still are an important component of any cleaning process. Problems arise when wrong concentration of chemicals is used. If the detergent is used correctly, it allows achieving outstanding result. The advantage of wet cleaning with chemicals is evident when it comes to commercial cleaning services, when it’s requiring to remove stain and strong contamination. So wet cleaning continues to make a difference. When choosing a way to carry our office cleaning or home cleaning you can be guided by the general rule: in the room where moisture accumulates on surfaces, you need to use wet method, and where surfaces are dry, use dry cleaning method. Different methods of cleaning are not competing, they complementing each other well.

For all your cleaning enquiries about Cleaning Services in London contact our team and we will happy to help you with any of your cleaning needs.


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